Benefits for Your Business

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Bigger harvest yield. For example, potato harvest will increase by 40 to 70%; maize by 30 to 50%; wheat - 30% ; other vegetables - 30%. Over the years this positive effect only increases, since the quantity of chemical elements and minerals also increases every time the soil is fertilized.

Accelerated plant growth and ripening of vegetables, fruits and crops. Biohumus helps shorten the time required for harvesting by 10 to 14 days.

Higher product quality. Biohumus increases the quantity of starch in potatoes, vitamins in fruits and vegetables, root sugar and protein in cereals by 15 to 45%. Your vegetables and fruits will be larger, brighter in color and will be easier to store for long periods of time.

Environmentally friendly products. Fruits and vegetables fertilized with our biohumus contain up to 55 times less nitrates than products fertilized with manure or non-organic fertilizers.

Lower cost for storage and fertilization. We deliver biohumus in large 50 litre bags. They are easy to store in various storage conditions and ready to be used in the fertilization process, thus saving precious time.

Better moisture retention. Our biohumus contains humic acid. It helps reduce the evaporation of water from the soil by up to 30%. This helps decrease irrigation costs.

What we offer

We offer A-grade biohumus - chemically analyzed and certified organic compost which is made from 100% organic ingredients. The compost is made by an outstanding organic farm in the EU with the help of one-of-a-kind technology.
Our biohumus has no unpleasant odor and is nice to use. Particles in this compost come in two sizes - 5 mm in diameter to use on putting and bowling greens as well as golf tees; and up to 15 mm in diameter to use in horticulture, agriculture, sports pitches, lawns, and fairway repairs.