Small Scale or Domestic Systems

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Kitchen and garden waste is usually used in small-scale vermicomposting systems, where earthworms and other microorganisms digest organic waste. Such feedstock for worms includes:

- All fruits and vegetables (including citrus and other fruits high in acids)

- Fruit and vegetable peels and ends

- Coffee grounds and filters

- Tea bags (even tea high in tannins)

- Various grains: bread, crackers and cereal (even moldy and stale)

- Rinsed off eggshells

- Grass clippings and leaves (free from pesticides)

What we offer

We offer A-grade biohumus - chemically analyzed and certified organic compost which is made from 100% organic ingredients. The compost is made by an outstanding organic farm in the EU with the help of one-of-a-kind technology.
Our biohumus has no unpleasant odor and is nice to use. Particles in this compost come in two sizes - 5 mm in diameter to use on putting and bowling greens as well as golf tees; and up to 15 mm in diameter to use in horticulture, agriculture, sports pitches, lawns, and fairway repairs.